The Art Of Networking

Have you ever met someone on the street ? Maybe it was a regular thing. But what if wherever you are, everyone were knowing you ? Wow, just like a movie star. Well if you are indeed a movie star, it may just happen. In fact, it may only happen to a few people, hehe.

Talking about well known people is exciting to talk about. Many people who are happy to be known and worshiped. It exists in everyone, but it has different levels of desire. However, it does not apply to a person who love to relate with others. People used to call him was a networker. The man who was usually present in many events according to the networking field he wanted.

But there is only one networker who is sociable. He could be anywhere in the show even though there is no relevance to what he sought. Today many people are happy to establish relationships with anyone. What is the purpose of it all?

the art of networking

A networker usually gathering friends from various fields. He has a lot of contact database of every person he met. If there is a problem, he can easily find and contact the interwoven relationship he’s ever known. Cool isn’t it?

Today was an era where people have started to move to open a business. Not only because the price of the ride, but we need more and more wants. Even more remarkable, sometimes a lot of things that basically we do not need is actually even be one of the targets to be bought.

A networker is a bridge between the problem and the solution. They come in the middle thought when someone encounters a problem. Networker can also help find a solution quickly because he already knew a lot of people out there. But not limited to, a person who forged many relationships with other people could have been aiming to market their products faster. By getting to know more people, he can tell a lot of people he met at all times.

Indeed, in establishing the relationship are able to do, but not everyone is able to know and be known by the people he had met. Therefore, it remains a sociable person and you need a special skill to have a great relationship with each other.

Things I like to do with networking is that I can get a lot of info about a lot of things that I can get for free. Sometimes, it can bring its own sustenance for me. Ah, that’s the art of networking. What about you?

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