You Got What You Paid

You Got What You Paid

This sentence remembering me about something that always connecting about MONEY. Whether is wrong or right, there’re so many people who want to get everything perfectly but he does not want to pay full or feeling so stingy to appreciating someone or team skill and experience to fulfill his want.


” Pay less, do More”

Is that fair for business ? If we are seeing from the customer mind, i’m sure there’s so many people who want it. For the example if you want to your own dream house. Then you hire some architect and developer for build and make your dream house being real. Your dream house is so beautifull and amazing. To build that house, it’s need a lot of skill and professionalism of experience. So, are you still thinking you will pay that architect and developer with cheap price but they MUST do the BEST for the result of your dream house ?

Don’t you think they’re concentrating just for your dream house ?

They pending their family day because you have a deadline for them. They spend their precious time for a full day just for fulfill your dream house.

They should defrayed their family, don’t you think ?

They invest a lot of money just to have a lot of knowledge for upgrade their skill, how do you think ?

Hmm…Which one is more important for you, your TIME or your MONEY ??

Maybe it can’t be compared, but i’m sure all of you will choose TIME if you have a lot of money πŸ™‚

Because what ? Because your time with family and all of the people who do you love most is more important than your money at the end πŸ™‚

So, if you want to make people happy just for the basic, you can pay them as same as their result. If they work is PERFECT or even beyond your expectation, will you pay them more ? Vice versa.





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